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The educational experience at Heartland Christian Academy seeks to develop each student's mind, body and spirit to his or her fullest potential through rigorous coursework, technology, competitive and intermural athletics, and spiritual training by a select group of Christian teachers and coaches.

Beyond our commitment to the intellectual development of our students, HCA is equally committed to bringing the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the truth of scripture to influence the formation of young minds seeking a Christian worldview. Staff, who share a common belief in Jesus Christ, combine the best academic traditions with a commitment to the development of Christian character to motivate each student to find and develop their God-given talents.

Preparing well-rounded, high achieving graduates is our mission.  This preparation begins in K5 and carries through every grade level.  While successful growth and advancement from grade to grade is very important to us, these are steps to the final outcome--a graduate ready to attend a college or university, whether or not he or she decides to continue their academic education.  Students with greater motivation can earn an Associates Degree from South Florida State College by the time they receive their HCA diploma.  They can be ready to engage the most rigorous application processes of highly selective universities and colleges.  Our K5 through grade 12 students have regular interaction with an onsite Academic Dean.

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