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Middle School
Academic Dean: Rebekah Kogelschatz

Middle School Curriculum Guide

HCA Middle School offers a wide variety of curriculum within the school year.  Our curriculum follows current standards but allows for a Christian viewpoint to be integrated into each subject area. 

Math is individualized based on a math placement exam.  We place the student in the math that they are capable of having the most success, from Course 1 to Algebra 2.  Students are able to be accelerated as the need is demonstrated.  Our currculum is based on current standards that are used in schools across the country. 

Science is a lab based curriculum that offers in depth scientific discovery as well as hands on labs.  Students will learn high level vocabulary as well as application of the content.  Field trips are integerated through the year to science musuems and outdoor education to enhance the academic learning.

English/Language Arts uses current standards through novels to teach English and Language Arts.  In addition, we focus on a classic curriculum that integrates grammar and spelling into daily assignments.

History offers a world or national focus.  Students are taught through historical views as well as current events. 

Spanish is offered by semester to each grade level.  Students learn grade approrpiate vocabulary and conversational Spanish.

Middle school also had a rotating course throughout the year.  This includes STEM Exploration (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), Bible, Spanish cultures, and technology.  Each grade level has 9 weeks of instruction in each area.

All of our classes our at a rigourous level of instruction that allows are students to strive for advanced learning.