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Primary Grades K - 2nd
Academic Dean: Rebekah Kogelschatz

HCA primary grades focuses on the love of learning! Our curriculum follows current standards but allows for a Christian viewpoint to be integrated into each subject area.  Our teachers love each student and care about their development.

Kindergarten through 2nd grade students have the same academic teacher all day. 

Students are instructed in math, reading, science, phonics, grammar, social studies, and Bible.

Science and math use hands on exploration so students can understand concepts concretely. 

A phonics curriculum is used to teach the basic reading components.  Whole language is integrated through reading stories and books.  Grammar and spelling are taught directly with grade level appropriate words.

Bible is integrated throughout the day but also direclty taught.  Students have weekly Bible verses to memorize.

Students also have weekly PE, library, technology, music, and Spanish.  Students also have daily recess.

The overall curriculum is at or above grade level.  Students are encouraged to strive for excellance and find a passion for learning!